I am slowly working on trying to create and index for helping people who might want more info in the FragComm. This will include a list of columnists , Bloggers, Reviewers, Niche and luxury houses as well as common sayings other things I feel might be beneficial.

To start off this project I have (and I believe) compiled ALL the fragrance reviewers on YouTube (myself being one of them)!!! This will have a list of all of the channels that do primarily fragrance content, since there are a LOT of reviewers I won’t do my usual blurb for each one at first, Over time I will add blurbs and info on each channel. Now I just want to make sure there is a nice list and I include everyone! So check back if you want to know more about these channels!

Since there are a lot more male fragrance reviewers then female I broke the list up into 2 parts. the first one (Founding Fathers) are for the reviewers who have been doing this for over 3 years. This list will include newer faces.

IF I HAVE MISSED ANYONE! Comment with their channel and I will check it out and if it fits I will add it to this list! These are just single channel and collab channels with have their own index! There are a LOT of reviewers so when this list goes up I will have added people to the best of my ability

This list is long but well worth checking out!


The Reviewers

The Scentinel

Big Beard Business



J Copeland

The Fragrance Runner

No NonScents





Gents Scents

Imagine Scents


by Kevin Samuels



Winter Skincare Routine 2016


I have recently updated my skincare routine! I did a youtube video on my night time routine which I will link below but I wanted to also list the items for you here. Also if you see a * by the product this item is HOLY GRAIL status! And will stay with me through all my skincare routines year round!


The Youtube Video!


MY Routine!

My Skin

I have a very pale complexion, with combination sensitive skin. I also suffered from enlarged pores. I have lived in South Florida my entire life, and would wear sunscreen everyday on my arms and neck but not my face. As such I had some sun damage, and some issue with a nice texture on my skin. At 30 (I’m  32 meow) I decided it was time to put on my big girl pants and start really taking care of myself. Diet, exercise, and SKINCARE!

I don’t like under-exxagerating how bad my skin was, because truly whats the point- I had bad skin. Breakouts, pores, flaking. All because I didn’t take proper care of it. It was MY FAULT. So when I owned up to that (rather then blame genetics) I started to see a VAST improvement.

My Routine


First CleanserClean It Zero From Banila Co. This is a great first cleanse in the morning. Sometimes I do not do a double cleanse in the morning, but if I wake up and my face is extra greasy then I do this. I can say I usually do a double cleanse in the morning. at least 5 times a week.
Foaming CleanserSecret Key Snow White Foaming Cleanser. I love this in the morning,. my complexion looks brighter and my face feels great.
TonerSunday Riley Martian Toner – I have been LOVING this. I switched up from my usually SK-II Toner
Treatment Lotion – La Mer the Treatment Lotion, Helps all my skincare work a lot better.
EssenceSK-II Facial Treatment Essence*– Put a small amount in my hands and gently pat into my face. I let it absorb completely before moving on
SerumsSK-II Genoptics Aura Essence,Skin INC Daily Dose Serum (Reborn, Repair Rebalance)
Eye CreamCaudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream. I got this as a deluxe sample and I ADORE it
Emulsion– Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream. Another new addition to my routine, and I absolutely love it
Moisturizer – La Mer Soft Moisturizing Lotion. Love love love this!
I also apply Nature Republics Aloe Vera Gel all over my body and chest and neck area.


First Cleanse – Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs– This leaves my face clean, and takes off all my makeup and is so refreshing!
Foaming CleanserLa Mers The Cleansing Gel, which is amazing, and during hormonal breakouts I use Tatcha’s Rice Enzyme Cleanser. I found a big difference when I catered my cleansers to certain times of the month, and different instances as well.
TonerBenton BHA Aloe Vera Toner
Exfoliate – Peter Thomas Roth Un Wrinkle Peel Pads
Pore Serum– COSRX Summer Pore Minish Serum– This is soso so good and it leaves my skin looking amazing and my pores looking noticeably tighter!
Treatment Lotion– La Mer The Treatment Lotion
Essence SK-II Facial Treatment Essence*– Put a small amount in my hands and gently pat into my face.
SerumsEstee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, La Mer Renaissance Serum*, both of these are EXCELLENT, and I just have to use the tiniest amount of each
Eye CreamCaudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream
EmulsionSunday Riley Tidal Water Cream.
MoisturizerCreme de La Mer from La Mer* Holy grail product, my favorite skincare product!

I also apply Nature Republics Aloe Vera Gel all over my body and chest and neck area.


Also if my skin is very sensitive I will spot treat with the Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream from Tatcha. If I wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup I will use the La Mer Micellar Water for my first cleanse at night to Midday.


Thats my skincare! If you have any questions or recommendations let me know in the comment section!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Swatches

Hi! I got in the new eyeshadow palette, Beauty Killer, from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I am working on a full review and first impressions for my youtube channel, but wanted to share pictures of the palette and swatches with you, as well as my initial feelings on the palette.


First it comes in a nice pink sturdy case, pretty standard color for all his cosmetic packaging,


The colors. I can say the colors are more rich in person then over the monitor of my PC or my phone, I was pleasantly surprised by this.

Now for the SWATCHES!

Top Row


From Left to right (top to bottom)

  • Star Power
  • Princess
  • Violence
  • Rich Bitch
  • Courtney


Bottom Row


From Left to right (top to bottom)

  • Expensive
  • Confession
  • Vanity
  • China White
  • Black Rainbow


Overall I really like the colors, and I think my favorite so far is Violence. But when  I play with them more I will let you know my real thoughts on it!

Beauty Giveaway!

FullSizeRender-142 copy


I am giving away a bundle of goodies to one lucky Tumblr follower! This picture only has some of the stuff you can win! There will be MORE!

It Includes Stuff from 3 Concept Eyes, TonyMoly, and ETUDE House. It also has fun masks, makeup skincare and more!!!

I will also ship this anywhere in the world!! So if you live outside of the United States you can still win!

You must be a follower, and you must reblog this picture on your tumblr! I will choose a winner April 20th!

Good Luck!

Link to My Tumblr!!!

Teeny Haul from 3 Concept Eyes

I had gotten this a few days ago and shared on my Tumblr. Decided to share here as well!


I have really wanted a nice burnt rusty burgundy eyeshadow for pretty much ever, and I found it! From 3 Concept Eyes in color Saturn! and I got a nice dark eye shadow crayon to add some nice contrast! I decided to try out their pore balm to cause Lord my pasty skin NEEDS all the help it can get!

SWATCHES, only two but still!


Those colors are exactly what I am looking for. The shadow shows little more orange then it does IRL, But it does have beautiful rust undertones.

The eye shadow is in color Saturn and the eye crayon is in color bad times! ❤ Can’t wait to use these guys! I’ll probably do a review of the pore balm in the future too!

Anyways if you are unfamiliar with 3 Concept Eyes products do give them a shot. They are amazing quality, the colors are great, and they have some unique products as well!

Some of My Favorite Fragrances

I am a SUCKER for perfume. REALLY, it’s bad. I can’t even walk within 10 feet of any perfume counter without buying something!

So I have about 50 bottles and about 150 samples of different perfumes, I try to rotate everyday between different scents, but there are a few that are definitely my most favorite, the ones I usually go for first, or wear any time of the year (a TRAVESTY I know).

Here are some of my favorites, and in no order.

Bvlgari – Rose Essentielle


This is my FAVORITE rose scent. Its lovely, and deep and has beautiful notes of Rose, Sandalwood, and a touch of musk! I wear this at least 3 times a week.


Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Aqua Universalis Forte


This is a lovely, vibrant and bright scent. I usually wear it in the spring and summer. Beautiful notes of Citrus and delicate flowers. Also he has developed some of my most favorite scents from other houses as well. The man is a genius!

Bvlgari – Au The Vert


Springy and citrusy green tea fragrance! I care a travel size of this in my purse everywhere I go. Its so clean smelling, and luscious!

Other Top contenders where

Le Labo – Baie Rose 26 – slightly sweet with allspice, cloves, rose and musk. I am all out, and since they make these perfumes in small batches I have to wait until I can get another bottle

Lolita Lempicka – Sour Cherries, Lily of the valley and a touch of licorice

Maison Francis Kurkdjian -Oud Cashmere Mood – Sweet Oud smell, thats nice and rick smelling with a touch of vanilla.

Review – Dr Brandt, Dream Night Cream


I posted earlier how I won’t buy expensive products unless I had a chance to sample them first. Here is an example (and review) of one of those products.

Dr Brandt’s has a good reputation, and I was/am looking for a good night cream. I was thinking of replacing my Tatcha Indigo Triple Recovery Cream (which I LOVE but I wanted to see if anything else worked) so I had a friend at Sephora get a me a deluxe sample of this Night Cream (I lucked out! was from an older promotion they were no longer doing).

I am pretty good at making my products last, and this was no exception. I managed to get 3 weeks use out of it, and I just finished it the other night so I thought. Hey, why not do a review.

The Low Down (this is taken from Sephoras website)

What it is:
An intense moisturizing cream that helps you wake up with a plumped, renewed, and replenished-looking complexion.

What it is formulated to do:
Formulated with Tahitian black pearl extract and the miracle resurrection plant, this cream helps to revive tired looking skin, while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

Research results:
In a self-assessment survey of 30 women who used the product every evening for 4 weeks:
After 1 night:
– 97% reported that skin looks smooth and supple
– 97% reported that skin feels hydrated, moisturized, and nourished

After 2 weeks:
– 100% reported that skin looks rested and fresher
– 97% reported that it provides intense hydration
– 93% reported that their skin looks plumper

After 4 weeks:
– 100% reported that product counteracts dryness and recharges tired skin
– 93% reported that the appearance of lines and wrinkles has diminished

My Thoughts

First, this has glowing reviews. And at first I could see why. My skin did feel super hydrated and I felt like I saw an improvement within the first week of using it. However after the first week I saw no changes. My skin felt the same, and although my skin did look smooth initially, after awhile it just kinda teetered out and showed no real lasting effects. My complexion didn’t improve, and overall I guess the product plateaued for me within the first week.

Now, it was VERY nice to put on, a nice rich cream, had a nice cooling effect on my skin, and had a very clean fragrance.

Sadly it didn’t work the way I had hoped (and read in the reviews) Its not a BAD cream, I mean it just didn’t work for me. Since this cream costs $135 retail I will probably not buy again, but if any of you guys have the opportunity to check it out give it a try. Might be someones Holy Grail night cream!

Grade – C-

Favorite Online Shops For Affordable Beauty, Makeup and Skincare

I like a variety of skincare, beauty, and other goodies. I work from home, so you think this would give me enough time to go out shopping, but you are wrong. I rely heavily on online stores to stock up on much needed supplies, and to fulfill my need for some worthless BS ❤

Skincare and Makeup

I love a lot of Korean and Japanese brands, as well as some French and American ones. so to get a good selection of all of these is harder then you would think. I don’t mind paying more for certain brands, quality or selection, But I also love a good bargain. So this list is for shops that carry brands and products that won’t break the bank but have wonderful selections of quality products (remember price does not equal quality)

I am usually on Amazon, Ulta, or Sephora for most of the name brands that are easy to find in the states. For Korean and Japanese brands I usually use these sites listed below. I will also buy directly from the places as well, and sometimes if its a harder to find item looking for specialty online shops that carry specific brands and collections. These are usually priced higher but it is well worth it, but that’s another blog post!

Shops! – Free shipping, no minimum. Decent selection, – Good selection and free shipping with $30 purchase or more. Benefit is it ships from the states so I get it fast. – OK selection, nice discounts. I can get harder to find or limited edition sets and brands from here. – Has it all. Kitchenware, beauty, home and bathroom and a great selection of skincare and makeup!

Another favorite online shop is Groupon. I find some amazing deals on skincare products, makeup and tools!

For a lot of my skincare I have found to really enjoy Korean brands. They have wonderful quality and the prices are pretty great. The ingredients in Japanese and Korean brands really work well with my skin, so most of the stuff I use is usually Asian brands. I don’t recommend jumping on any skincare trend because its “popular” I recommend figuring out what works best with your skin and the type of routine you have. But if you wanted to try out some popular brands to see if they work for you these sites are great!

For me other brands (Murad, La Mer, Clarins, La Praire, etc) had bad reactions for my skin, or worked well for the first few weeks then plateau. So when I learned about Korean brands, and how good they were supposed to be for your skin I decided to give it a go. Finding them was hard but after I found some reliable websites that sold great products it got a lot easier for me to mix and match until I had a great regime down. For everything else Sephora or Amazon usually has what I need (they carry popular Korean and Japanese brands too). If Amazon or any of these sites don’t have what I need  I will usually go to the department stores website or schedule a tip to the mall. For makeup brands easier to find in the States (I really Really love a lot of prestige brands like Givenchy and Guerlain. Nars and Make up Forever are other favorite brands.) These I will get from Sephora, or Ulta usually.


Hope that helps! AND If you have a recommendation of a website I should try comment below!

My Favorite Bronzers!

My complexion is fast improving but it isn’t there yet. So for foundations or any base make up really I need decent/high coverage. Since I am a pasty white any and all base make ups usually completely remove any sort of color I’d have on my face, so I need a good bronzer to help me not look so ghoulish!

I have a lot of different brands of bronzers, but I generally stick to these guys more then any.

Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder

Color 2 Douce Croisière – light tan


This has a nice color for my skin tone, and I love the slightly shimmery finish of it. Has a very light feel. I usually use a big powder brush when I apply this. It has nice long wear, and doesn’t feel heavy or get cakey. I also love its blendability!

Urban Decay – Naked Flushed

 Color Palette Native


When I first saw this I wasn’t to sure, but it was on sale and I thought MEH why not. Well,I fell in LOVE with this set! I use the highlighter all the time, and the blush I use a lot as well, but that bronzer, so good! It gives me a very slight sun kissed look without making it look like I have to much makeup on. I use a mini kabuki brush for this.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer

 Color Sunshine


I really like this one (well obviously! It’s on this list!) But I do have a few specific reasons why A- because it is so affordable. and B because when I use this I will also use it as an eyeshadow and I love that look so much! I find if I want a simple easy look for just around the house, or to go get groceries or a quick bite to eat, using bronzer as an eye color as well as face makeup gives me a polished effortless look. This bronzer is the one I usually do this with because the color is so flattering for my skintone, and for my brown eyes.

BareMinerals Warmth All Over Face Color


MY FIRST BRONZER! Seriously, I still have it too! this stuff lasts forever and goes such a long way. I initially thought the color would be to much for me but it looks so nice on! Sometimes I will layer this with my Urban Decay one for a more chiseled look!

I will be ending this list with my Holy Grail Bronzer!!!! ❤

Guerlain Teracotta Bronzing Powder

Color 3


Love love LOOOOVE

Everything about this I just love. I love how easy it is to apply. I love the color. I love how it might look too dark for me, but it matches so GOOD! I could throw away all my make up and just live with a nice foundation, mascara and this bronzer forever!!!!!

I probably own about 15 bronzers but these are definitely my faves! ❤