A Watery Rosy Delight :: Maison Francis Kurkdjian L’eau A La Rose

Salutations Friends!

If you’re familiar with my  Youtube channel and reviews then you will be familiar with my love for the beautiful creations from perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. L’eau A La Rose is a newer fragrance from his house, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, that was released in 2019. I am an avid lover of A La Rose, and when I learned about this release I was terribly excited.

Now it is safe to say I adore rose fragrances in general. Some people abhor this note, and others just love and embrace its bold personality and sweet floral nature. No matter what the composition, I usually love a good rose fragrance. Give me your jammy roses, your watery garden variety, your strong and sophisticated rose musk combos, or the bold and brave rose ouds! I love em, and I wear em!

one red rose flower
Photo Credit: Meghan Schiereck

The beauty in A La Rose however is it’s silent sophistication. That tender sweet pea note with the violet leaf and musks really helps the beautifully romantic rose note sit on your skin and dance across the air as you wear it. Timeless is a word I would use to describe that fragrance, and also silently sophisticated yet playful and light. Its just beautiful.

Photo Credit:  FrancisKurkdjian.com

L’eau A La Rose definitely fits into that category of a timeless and sophisticated floral fragrance. Embracing the sparkly floral musks that Francis Kurkdjian is known for, it has a beautifully light and watery quality to it. Instead of gentle sweet pea and violet leaf you get a light sweetness from lychee and that beautiful peony that help add that watery, dew like quality to an already delicate and youthful scent. Lighter on the skin, more sparkly and youthful. L’eau A La Rose is a beautiful delight that smells crisp, sparkly, slightly sweet and floral. A perfect addition for a springtime and summer fragrance rotation that doesn’t sacrifice sophistication for hot weather wearability!


Check out my YT Video below! ❤

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