Here are a few questions I get asked in emails, on YouTube, Instagram and on tumblr!

How old am I?

I am currently 35 years old, I will be 36 in August.

Where did you get BeautyMeow from?

When I was toying with blog names I was thinking Beauty Now, or something about the beauty and lifestyle I was using at the time. I thought it sounded dumb, then I remembered me and my Husband are really quite silly, and we always joke around and switch up words for meows (we are obsessed with cats) so I thought, BeautyMeow? and it stuck!

But How Many Cats?

We have 8 cats, all rescues. We have 2 black cats,a tortie,  3 tuxedos, a baby fluffster, and a calico. You will see them in pictures from time to time because they love to investigate every time I unbox anything.

How Many Fragrances Do I Own?

Currently my collection is around 715 full sized bottles. That is not including travel sized, backup bottles, or decants. And it is constantly growing

Where do I buy my Korean and Japanese beauty products?

I buy most of it from Memebox, Cosmetic-Love, and from the actual brand websites (from ETUDE house, 3 Concept Eyes and more) You can also find prestige brands and popular brands at Sephora and Ulta

You post a ton of Haul stuff, why?

I like to share what I have added to my collection, especially fragrances. I also found people really like to see what other people spend their money on! So every month on my YT channel I share what I got. This includes purchases, things sent in PR and also gifts and swaps!

Do I have a YouTube Channel?

Why yes I do! You can find it HERE!

Do I have a twitter/instagram/snapchat?

Twitter– @Beauty_Meow_

Instagram– Beauty_Meow_

How often do I update my skincare routine?

As general rule of thumb I don’t like to switch up to many products at once, and I like give products about a month before I decide if they are working or not. And I usually only try out 1-2 new products a month. (masks, cleansers and exfoliators I switch up every week or so though). That being said I change it up depending on what my skin wants- which relies on stress, weather, and how much makeup I wear. So usually I will almost completely switch up my routine every 2-3 months.

What kind of skin do I have?

I have combination skin that is on the sensitive side. It get red and irritated easily, and I also get clogged pores/blackheads/excessive sebum easily, which is why I am such a stickler with proper skincare habits and have a very rigid routine.

Aren’t you to old to be blogging about beauty?

Maybe? Maybe not, its all subjective. I think women or men of any age can blog about beauty, skincare and lifestyle. Since so many people are interested in it, and they range in ages, sex, and preferences. So having a variety of beauty bloggers in a range of ages and genders must be good!

What is my job?

I am an artist. I am a pop surreal and pop culture painter. I am also business owner. My husband and I own our own sandblasting company called Illuminated Lion

Favorite Luxury Skincare/makeup brands?

For skincare I adore SK-II, Tatcha, La Mer and Estee Lauder Products. For Make Up I love Guerlain, Laduree, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Nars, Tom Ford

If you have any more questions or comments feel free to email me at BeautyMeowReviews@gmail.com