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I’m Kristin. And I am a huge Makeup and Skincare Junkie.

When I was younger I used to take horrible care of my skin. And when I reached the age of 30 I realized it was time for me to put on my big girl pants and actually treat it right. Over the last year I have spent a lot of time, effort and money to really get the best routine down and really help my skin. I have huge improvements and am very happy about my progress.

When I first started I was a little daunted by all the flawless gurus out there. First thing is I mean them no ill will. Their flawless skin and makeup they wear is because of their hard work, dedicated skincare routines, and amazing amount of effort and talent they put into themselves and their look. But for average joes like me I wanted some more realistic expectations for someone just starting out, and with my specific skin needs. I started writing down and documenting my products, results and overall opinion on each product. A friend who I was talking about this with suggested I start blog. So Viola! BeautyMeow was born.

I hope you enjoy this little sliver of the internet I have carved out. And I hope my reviews and tips help you as well. I also LOVE to hear what works for other people, so please rain that knowledge on me!



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