My Makeup Brush Set- 10 Piece Oval Artis Brush Dupes

I have been eyeing the Artis brushes for awhile. And as I was researching them I learned that some dupes were almost identical, or where so similar that the difference in price was well worth getting the Dupes instead. I got my hands on this set from to review.

I have been using them for the past few days and have been really impressed. They are soft, easy to use, and to apply my foundation has been a dream! I like that they help me get a nice application on my face, and its done so fast! I wanted to talk about what I use each brush for and to give them an overall review.


The Brushes

  1. Nice big brush, this is soft and easy to grip. I have been using this one for my foundation. It also makes it so easy to blend the foundation down my neck.
  2. This one can be used for foundation, but I have been using it for my bronzer. It gives me a nice even application, with no blotchiness. The handle for bronzer application at first I thought was a little strange, but after using it a few times I really enjoy the control it gave me.
  3. This one has been great for my contour. I never like a very dramatic contour, and at first this made a very sharp line. But I found I can easily blend it with this brush as well and it leaves an airbrushed chiseled look. This is one of my favorites! ❤
  4. I nicknamed this BBB, I use it for Blush, Blending and Buffing!
  5. This one I haven’t used that much. I have used it to apply highlighter, and that worked really well.
  6. I use this for eyeshadow around my outer V
  7. I have used this for applying shadow all over my lid, and also a bit of cleaning my transitional colors when I do more dramatic looks. At first I was a skeptic but I have really grown to enjoy using this.
  8. This is a DREAM! I use this for eyeliner and it makes the straightest more consistent line! Favorite brush out of the lot!
  9. I use this to add shadow and to smudge under my eye, and to also blend a bit around my nose and chin. This little guy is an excellent multitasker!
  10. Eyebrow brush. I love this! I can do my brows so much faster now!


Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • soft
  • easy to grip
  • great for a flawless application
  • some brushes are excellent multitaskers


  • Bristles are tricky to clean. This can be said for the Artis brushes as well, so its just the territory with the Oval brushes themselves

Overall I really am enjoying these brushes. Foundation application time has been cut in half, and blending down the neck is so easy! I also am in love with the one I use for eyeliner! The greatest thing about this set is its price, This particular set is under $30 (they do sell over handle types for alittle more) So you get a great bargain for some pretty awesome brushes! If you were on the fence or interested in trying these guys out I definitely recommend it.

Also I have a coupon code for 10% off to save some more money as well Use Code- KRISTIN10OFF at checkout at My Makeup Brush Set. They have a lot of other fun brush sets on top of their popular oval ones!

Skincare Tips for Transitional Skin from your 20s to 30s

I did a little youtube video on some tips that have worked for my as my skin transitioned. When I was in my 20s I didn’t need to pay much attention to my skincare routine, but as I got older it became more and more apparent that I had to start really taking care of it.

I am really bad at talking on my youtube videos so I wanted to expand upon it some.


More Info and Thoughts!

  • Cleansers are so IMPORTANT! You really want to find the right cleanser for you. You do not need to do what I do and have like 5 cleansers on rotation, but finding the right cleanser for you is super important. I would if at all possible stay clear from “all skin types” cleansers. Anytime I have used those they haven’t done the best job. Rather find a cleanser that is super good at a specific issue you have with your skin. Try to also pair your toners with your cleansers. Doesn’t have to be the same brand, But you want them both to really work well together to help cleanser and address any issues you have with your skin. I have found when I use a cleanser and toner that are targeted at the same thing I see much better results.
  • Cleansing tools are also super important! I am obsessed with my Clarisonic, BUT all you really need is a good pore brush (I use one in the morning) These can run from $5-$15. Just make sure the bristles are very soft (I said clean in the video)


My pore brush, I got this from Memembox

  • salicylic acid!! HAH, YEAH I BUTCHERED THAT NAME!
  • Sunscreen. Look if you take ANYTHING from this video/blog post it is the importance of sunscreen. That is the best anti-aging product you can use. Just make sure its gentle for your face, and won’t migrate/ get in your eyes.

Investing in yourself

You really want to invest time and effort into your skin. I am not saying have a super long nightly routine, or to spend a fortune on super expensive products. But you need to invest enough time and patience. You generally won’t see any results right away. You should see results in 2-3 weeks but some products may take longer, so be patient. If you need to change or add anything to your routine it is also better to do so a little at a time. So try one new serum , or a new moisturizer/ or night cream. Once you really find what you are looking for you will see great results and have beautiful skin! Its worth the effort.

Some things to look for in skincare/products for skin in late 20s- early 30s

  • Vitamin C
  • Collagen
  • Antioxidants
  • Retin-A

Hope this helps! ❤

Drugstore Haul :: Fun New Goodies and Glitter

I have been wanting to get the Butter Bronzer from Physician’s Formula so I went to CVS. I ended up picking up a few extra things too!



The Goods

  • Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer -This smells amazing BTW!
  • Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating Palette- Catwalk Pink
  • Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Glitter- Vice, Bleached, Brass
  • Wet N Wild Felt Tip Proliner
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil- Milk



The NYX Pencil and the WnW eyeliner. I am most excited about the NYX. Hoping it works well for my lower waterline.


The bronzer. This is so smooth and buttery, I have a feeling I will really love this. Also again, can I mention how amazing it smells!


The illuminating palette. The top is them all swished together, and the bottom is them all separately. I think this is realllllly pretty.


The glitter, in Vice, Bleached, and Brass. These glitters have mixed reviews. some say they slide off eyes. They are basically glitter mixed in with some type of balm. I got this to add a touch of glitter to my eyes, and for only a buck apiece I figured they were worth trying out. I will review these soon (so stay tuned)

Thats my little haul. I would have gotten more but they were doing inventory when I went there, and I didn’t want to be rude and get in there way while they worked.

Let me know if you all have an experience with these products!

Empties :: Bunch of Skincare Stuff

I have a good amount of empties to share! I did a youtube video on them, but I really wanted to go in depth about my likes and dislikes! Buckle up kiddies, lets ride! *I don’t know why I said that



Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask- I actually really enjoyed this mask. It didn’t aggravate or irritate my sensitive skin, and left a nice clean fresh face. However my Elizavecca Carbonated mask does a lot better at cleaning my skin. So I am not going to be rebuying this. But this was very nice! Grade – B+


Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream– This did absolutely nothing for me. Was alittle greasy, made my under eyes look oily. Didn’t hydrate and honey, it definitely didn’t lift! This is 99% natural so that is good, but again this did nothing for me at all. Pass. Grade- D


Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead Deep Cleansing Oil Balm- I talked about this on my favorite cleansers blog post. I really love this for my first cleanse of the morning, I will be rebuying. Grade – A


Innisfree Anti-Darkening Fixer- I really REALLY wanted to love this. It feels great on, has a nice fresh smell. But I need something heavier duty for a makeup fixer. Because South Florida is a humid swamp land I need something that will keep my face from melting. Sadly this is not it. If I ever get out of this tar pit I may give this another go, but it did not hold up well and I noticed my foundation moving around, and my makeup wearing off after a few short hours. I will not be repurchasing, whomp whomp. Grade – C-


Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray- This was both good and bad. I liked how it made my face feel. Was cooling, and felt nice. But it has a very strong aftertaste/smell of alcohol. I tried to get over it but I just couldn’t. I am glad this was a sample sent to me and I didn;t buy it because I would have been pissed. Clinique!! WHYYYYY Grade – D

Now if you want an excellent moisture mist I have been obsessed with SeaTree’s Seatree art Moisture Mist!


Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner– I adore this toner. I use it when my skin feels irritated. It is so soothing. Cleanses well, feels amazing on, and in no way has it ever irritated my sensitive skin. Has BHA, snail secretion filtrate (yes you heard that right, but its an amazing ingredient) and instead of water it uses aloe barbadensis leaf water, which give this toner my highest amount of praise. If you have ever tried Benton products you must. I have enjoyed everything  I have tried from then. This toner is my most favorite of them all! Grade- A


Batherapy Epsom Salt and Siberian Fir Oil Bath salts– This was a gift from my sister and I absolutely love it. Was very realxing, and helped relieve tension in my back. Plus it smells like a fricken Christmas tree! I will be rebuying this! Grade – B+


Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum– OMG I love this. I talked about it in my last skincare blog post. It does such an excellent job of firming, and hydrating. My face can definitely feel it once I put it on, and it absorbs quickly, and isn’t greasy. If you are on the fence about spending the money on this I would recommend buying one of Tatchas ritual sets that have this in it. But I will definitely be repurchasing this! Grade- A+

Overall I liked most of these products, and will be repurchasing some of them. If you have any opinions or questions on these guys let me know in the comments section!

Sephora Rant- Customer Service Fail

I actually did a youtube video on this rant but I wanted to elaborate. So if you want to watch the video or just read below instead either way is good

OK, this has to deal with the Paint it Pink set I purchased. I unboxed it previously. Now I absolutely loved everything in the set, and I am really happy for the most part with the purchase. But after I unboxed it I put everything back in its place and left it for about a week until I got the makeup area in my bathroom situated (I currently don’t have a vanity) so after a week I decided it might be fun to use some of the items. I immediately started using the Make Up Forever lipgloss, and ran out of it in like 2 weeks. I decided I wanted to use the Becca product and as soon as I opened it the product slipped out of the pan. I caught it before it slipped, but the whole thing broke into 3 pieces. LAME. So I wrote Sephora an email.

I want to add that I know this was a set, and I had bought the last one, AND they were no longer available online, so I figured this was it. I thought best case scenario they may have something to exchange it for (maybe another deluxe sample) or maybe a little coupon code for like $3-5 dollars, or a small discount so I could buy it full size. But even if they couldn’t do that, I was expecting at least an apology.

So I usually give companies a few days to respond (3 during the week and 5 if there is a major holiday coming up, and Mothers Day is a major holiday) so when over a week passed and I didn’t even get someone messaging me saying they will get to my issue when they can I was like “whelp maybe it got lost or had an error in sending” So the Friday before Mothers day I decided to send another email. Monday I got a response and it was just a cut and paste on their return policies. I want to add I never said I wanted to return the set. I inquired if there were any issues with this set, and with the Becca product in general, and that if there was a way to replace it I would love that, but if there was nothing they could do to just alert them that my product was damaged/defective.

I was kinda annoyed that they couldn’t even write me an “I am sorry for the product, if you want to return here is our policy, or here is how you do it” Nope, nothing.

So then I wonder if I should just call their customer service line and inquire if there is anything that could be done. I know I couldn’t return the whole set, I didn’t want to return the whole set. I kinda just wanted Sephora at this point to take alittle responsibility for selling me a defective product.

The person on the line was VERY dismissive. Not once said, I am sorry, not once asked what they could do. Just said I had to go to the store. or call the store. I was like “Ok, is there any information I should ask or know when I contact the store” then there was another dismissive reply to just call the store. Since there was no point to waste either of our time I hung up.

Quick add here. If you work in a brick and mortar store for a company, it costs a lot of money to take returns. I am not talking about the cost of the money in having a product returned. I am talking about the loss of employee productivity from dealing with returns,. and it looks bad to have a customer come in and be like “this was defective and broken”. So if you can have issues dealt with over the phone or with the customer service line at HQ its better for your business overall. I know that from experience. So saying, go waste the time of our employees we pay to sell products, who probably will get penalized for having to take this return even though it was most likely not their fault, but rather the shipping companies fault or the fault of Sephoras warehouse) seems odd to me, and also unfair to them. If its an exchange or its more convenient for the customer then yes go to the store, but the store couldn’t do anything and i knew that from the beginning which is why I went to their customer service phone line.

But anyways…..

I called the store. I waited until a time I know the mall was dead (I had worked in this mall before and I know when its busy and when nobody is there). I talked to the manager and she was, I don’t want to say rude because she wasn’t rude. She was just extremely dismissive and all like “Well what am I supposed to do” She also said there was no way I had bought it in her store because they haven’t had that set since the Holidays, and I was like I bought it like the 9th or 10th of April, check my VIB account. So I didn’t want to waste her time, and I hung up.

UGH, so at this point I decided to just give it a few days and figure out if I should let it go. Again it wasn’t about the money, more the principle of buying something and having it, or a part of it being damaged or defective. Also at this point I wondered how they treat their customers. I am a VIB Rouge, so if they treat me like this how do they treat the rest of their customers, are they more dismissive, are they so non caring about it. I firmly believe you really see a business true colors when you have to deal with their Customer service.

I was going to leave it alone but then I decided to try one more time and get some sort of real response/ or let Sephora take responsibility for the damaged item and I posted on their Facebook page. They were really good at first, but then told me to contact the store. Completely ignoring the fact I told them I had already contacted the store and that resulted in nothing, not even an honest try to fix this or to just apologize for the damage.

I wasn’t to happy about this, and let them know that was the reason why I had contacted them on FB, was because of the dismissive attitudes of their customer service phone line, and the Manager of that store.

So Now they are going to have someone in their retail division contact me. I don;t expect them to reimburse my money, to switch or exchange it. really I don;t know what they will do. But all I really wanted was for them to take responsibility and say “Sorry we sold you a damaged product”

So yeah. I know I was overreacting a bit, but this escalated because of Sephoras inaction and the dismissive attitudes of their employees. I will still shop at Sephora, but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I will post an update once this is resolved, or not resolved.

Sorry for the rant, thanks for reading ❤

Also if you want to follow me on Youtube I follow back! Also I have comments disabled until I get my permanent set up ready. Which should be the next video or two.

Update on Pat McGrath Skin Fetish

Real quick, ok I have been wearing nude nonstop for the past few days (the powder over the balm on the highest points of my cheeks), and I have never ever received compliments on my highlighter until I wore this. Id get complimented on my eye shadow, tattoos, blush, glasses, handbag. Never my highlighter. I get complimented at least 3 times a day from people when I go out. At Ulta, Sephora, Chipotle, Grocery Store, drugstore. Its been really great, and this product definitely deserves all the admiration.

I just wanted to add that in because it was such a shock to me to get people really responding to it. My makeup skills are meh, so usually I get compliments on outfit or accessories. But this highlighter is getting all the attention.

It’s still the best! And I have noticed it lasts all day.

So yeah! Thanks Pat McGrath!

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Review!

OMG OMG I died when I realized I could order these. I tried getting them off of her website but the site was crashing and they sold out super quick. Fast forward a bit and as a Sephora Rouge member I was able to buy them a week before they launched on Sephora’s site. I know these will sell out FAST! and once they are gone they are GONE, so don’t miss out!

Also if you don’t know who Pat McGrath is what rock have you been living under? She is probably one of the most talented and amazing MUA ever.

Also if you can tell by my hype that I obviously LOVED these. so yeah, lets get on with it!

The Kit


Pictured it the gold kit. The Kit includes a Buffer Brush, a Duo Stick with the Balm and Highlighter color, and a powder highlighter as well.

Also can we take a sec to appreciate the packaging!








SO freaking pretty and unique. I am such a sucker for fun amazing packaging, and this was something super fun to open and experience!



The nude set swatches


The camera made this look really subtle on my bare arm but Left to right its the powder highlighter, the highlighter stick, and the balm


The golden set swatches


Left to right, is the balm, the powder highlighter, and the highlighter stick.

Here is what the golden looks like on me. I was debating actually posting this because the lights were washing out the colors but Meh….


This is the golden. I had put on the nude earlier. Its hard to really see but it has the most beautiful shimmer and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. Its positively ethereal.

Final Thoughts

This met, and in some ways exceeded my expectations. I will go into each part separately.

  • The Stick Duo- The balm is magnificent. it gives this healthy dewy look to the skin. It almost makes you glisten and look kinda juicy in the most positive way possible. The highlighter stick is impressive as well. Beautiful colors from both the nude and the golden set. You could also use it as an eyeshadow as well.
  • The Buffer Brush- Is nice and soft, and does a good job. Only gripe is that the label for is is kinda a sticker. could have stepped up that game a bit in my opinion.
  • Powder highlighter- GOOD LORD these were the winners for me. Both were stunning, and you could build them up for a subtle glow to a show stopping strobing effect.

I would say that if you are unsure which to get, if you are paler go for the nude and if you are a darker complexion, or even have a warm undertone the golden would be best.

Seriously If you were on the fence about this don’t be. My only complaint is the packaging  for the products seems a little cheap. But the quality of the products is outstanding!

Grade – A++++


BATTLE! :: Benefit Pore Fessional Versus Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizer!


Battle! So I am almost out of my Benefit Pore Fessional and I received a sample of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I wasn’t sure which I liked more, and since I will need to repurchase soon I decided to put them to the test. A battle of sorts, on my FACE! So I put the Benefit primer on half of my face, and the Smashbox one on the other.

Warning, for some reason all the photos I took throughout the day were the most unflattering ever. If you don’t want to see a puffy faced white girl click away meow.

In the morning. I decided to do my whole everyday routine, rather then not set it with powder or spray, I really wanted to see how these both worked with my normal day to day makeup. I know how the Benefit works, but I wanted to compare with the Smashbox.


Full face on the left is Smashbox’s primer, and on the right is Benefits. They both went on very easily, and my makeup went on without a hitch.


Benefit Side, this is 3 hours after I put it on


Smash box side, also 3 hours.

At this point my cheeks and forehead looked similar, but it looked like the foundation on the Benefit side was showing some redness around my nose and chin. Smash box side looked the same as originally, except my highlighter had worn away already.

also dayyyuuuum my face looks puffy!

OK this is what it looks like after a full day of wear.


Benefit Side


Smashbox side.

So I got some major redness around my brow area on the smashbox side.


Overall they both seem to preform the same. Early on the Benefit side was showing that it was wearing away around my nose, and was almost sinking into the pores in my nose, making it look like there were white dots. The smash box side did admirably. The redness around my eyebrow was a bother but I had been touching my face in that area all day, so I can’t really fault it to much. The thing I didn’t like about the Smashbox was it felt like I had a layer of film on my face. That was annoying. But maybe I put to much on or should have let it set for a few minutes before putting on my foundation. Overall though it surprisingly preformed better then the Benefit (this is MY Opinion)

Also, little fyi- for base makeup I used my IOPE Cushion foundation and used Make Up Forever Pro Finish Powder to set, it’s a standard combo for me.

I think because the Smashbox seemed to preform better I will buy that and see how I like it, and take a little break from my Benefit. So the winner of this battle is…

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer

Unboxing :: My New Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush

Ok, ok…. I got one! I mentioned I wanted to try out different artisan Japanese brush brands. I adore my Kashoen, and although my Sephora Hakuhodo collab brushes I wouldn’t consider true Hakuhodos, they are created by them. There is also Suqqu as well. So I wanted to purchase a few things from Beautylish (they have Wayne Goss Brushes there) I actually ended up originally just getting a Liquid Lippie from Jeffree Star (Doll Parts) and I also picked up a Sisley Quad Eyeshadow palette. Sadly the color of the palette was completely different then what they sent me. And since their makeup is HELLA EXPENSIVE, and my new YSL Palette had the exact same colors I returned it . I want to say,I hate returning cosmetics, but this was completely Beautylish’s error and I never touched it other then to open the quad to inspect it, and Lord it was expensive.


SO I exchanged it for a Chikuhodo Brush! I was trying to figure out which one exactly I wanted. I was torn between  the Passion Series PS-1 Powder,Makie Series MK-1 Powder,GSN Series GSN-1 Powder and the Z Series Z-1 Powder. At first I saw drawn to the larger ones but I decided on the Z-1 because it looked like it would also be great for my powder contours as well. Also being very soft was the best for sensitive skin.

I will say one thing. Although it was Beauylish’s error they were easy to work with and return the product. So so far I am happy with their customer service.

Ok, so I got my package today! so here are the pics and then my initial thoughts on the brush.


This was a giant box for the brush, which I guess was to ensure it arrived safely



Initial thoughts at this point was they need to step up their packaging game. If you remember my Kashoen unboxing post, their packaging was on point. This was packaged like it was a drugstore brush.

and the brush!



Aside from my disappointment in the packaging (I don’t think that was from Beautylish. I think that was all on Chikuhodos end), my initial reactions where positive. The handle is very pretty and elegant, and OMG the bristles. The softest bristles I have ever experienced. The bristles of this brush are Gray Squirrel.

Info on this brush (from Beautylish’s website)

  • The Z Series Z-1 is a powder brush with bristles made from the hair of gray squirrel. The bristles are 45mm in length, with the total length of the brush being 160mm.

I haven’t used it yet but I will tomorrow. Expect a proper review very soon! I am super excited to try this brush out! ❤

Unboxing :: 2 Fragrances from Anthropologie


I went into Anthropologie this week and whenever I go there I always make a beeline to their little Fragrance area. I fell in love with a bunch of fragrances but I behaved and only bought 2.

I got English Rose from Royal Apothic, and She Found Quiet in His Wild from Fictions

I will probably do a review on these soon so I won’t go to much into them. But they are both very lovely floral fragrances with a touch of much. English rose is, well more rose fragranced, and The one from fictions is a little brighter, and fruitier.

The packaging for these both was really lovely. English rose came in a velvet lined wooden box, and the fictions fragrance came in a packaging that resembled a book!

the pics….




I adore the bottle.





What I found really clever was the information on the perfumer and graphic artist of the packaging was presented as a removable bookmark within the package


I think these both will make great summer scents, and I can’t wait to wear them!