Salutations! <3


I’ve decided to do a little introduction to this blog of mine. I am a lady who loves love loves make up and skin care (and cats, OBVIOUSLY). Problem is for most of my life I didn’t take care of my skin AT ALL! So I have a lot of problems to address. Pores YUCK, hyperpigemtation, blackheads, dry skin, and more….. yuck and YUCK! So for the past year and a half I decided to really try and get my skin back! I have noticed a lot of people have one or two of the problems I have, and to get real world reviews and results is hard. I devoted a lot of time to watching youtube bloggers, reading blogs and product reviews on websites, and I have to say it has been pretty great so far. Since I have started this journey I have noticed I have better skin. It’s more luminous, healthy and a lot of my major problems have been addressed. There are still a few things I have to work on too. So I thought MAYBE if I had a blog that could talk about the products I use, how they help my skin, the makeup I use and such maybe if could help someone else. And if not I enjoy talking about it anyways, so I can just ramble into a empty blog with no followers for my own amusement!


ANYWAYS I will be mostly talking about products I use that are good and bad, as well as a change in my diet to help with my healthfulness, and make up I use which is fun and good, and also doesn’t aggregate my skin!

You will also see pictures of cats, both mine and furry friends I wish I could meet.

So yeah! So excited to start this adventure! ❤

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