REVIEW :: Platinum Miracle Skin Pore Tightening Pack by Tosowoong

miracle pack

I really enjoy using masks, and I had heard good things about this Platinum Miracle Skin Pore Tightening Pack mask from Tosowoong so I decided to try it out. I love anything that says it will tighten my skin and diminish pores!

First Impressions

Firstly I want to apologize. I had pictures on my phone, but a bunch of them got deleted the other night randomly so I am without pictures

When this comes out of the tube it is like a super rich rusty clay color. It glides on smooth, and is very cooling which was very nice. Its easy to see how much you have on because of the intense color, so you can easily put on an even amount on your whole face.

While I was wearing it Impressions

This again is very cooling which is nice. I wore it for about 10 minutes, and when it starts to dry you can see little spots where it has been pulling the oil from your pores. It gets little tight but not uncomfortable. I could talk and eat while wearing this.

Results/Final Impressions

After washing this off it left my skin feeling super firm, super clean and very nice. I was overall impressed about how soft and smooth my skin was, and my pores looked a teensy bit smaller. The next day my skin felt smooth and still firm. I really really like this and can’t wait to use it again. I really have nothing at all negative to say about it. Its amazing! Especially if you have oily skin and enlarged pores.

Grade – A+


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