Review :: Freeman Facial Charcoal and Black Sugar Scrub Mask

OK, so I was at the supermarket and I was getting some toiletries when I saw that they were having a bogo for this brand, Since I am always on the hunt for a good exfoliator I figured I would take the plunge ($8 for 2 bottles seemed good, I however got this one and their cucumber peeling mask)

I decided to do a first impressions mini review on it. A lot of higher end brands get reviewed, so why not a drugstore brand?

WARNING weird picture of my long face below.

This is the packaging, and it seems like it could be very promising…


fyi, I am always wary of things that say all skin types, but I decided to still give this a go.

A little dollop in my hand, it had a unique and unexpected consistency.


I think I was expecting something that had more charcoal, this just looked like a repackaged sugar scrub (which this mask is, but I also was hoping for something more, well maskish)

Here is where I applied it to my face, you are supposed to let it sit on your face for 5-7 minutes, then massage it into your skin for 1-2 then rinse off. It didn’t really like staying in one spot and started sort of sliding on my face, so that was a bother.



(my face was all puffy that day, UGH)

OK so anyways I managed to let it sit on there, then I massaged it in and rinsed it off.

Overall it left my skin feeling VERY clean, and smooth. Was a hassle to leave on, but I think that the annoyance of that is worth the pay off. Especially when this was very affordable and easy to find. I don’t know if I will rebuy though. So I am still on the hunt for exfoliators!

Grade – B+

2 thoughts on “Review :: Freeman Facial Charcoal and Black Sugar Scrub Mask

    1. Yeah, its weird! Its works pretty well as an exfoliator, but I don’t think I will rebuy. I have used their cucumber peeling mask too, and I really like that!


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