Gift Guide :: K-Beauty Skincare Favorites

So the holidays are around the corner, and if you are anything like me you have already started your holiday shopping! K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) has been taking the west by storm, and I have been in love with a lot of products for a very long time. If you or someone you know would love to receive some awesome beauty items this holiday season may I make a few recommendations? ūüôā


Can’t Go Wrong With Sheet Masks!

Awhile ago I did my favorite sheet mask post, where I discussed my fave masks!  Now as much as these are terrific for everyday use, for the holidays it might be fun to do something a little nicer, or even more festive and fun!


SNP Animal Masks are fun, affordable and make great gifts! They come in a variety of animals that help with a variety of concerns!


Sulwhasoo is a luxury skincare line from Korean that is highly regarded for their excellent ingredients and amazing products. Although these masks run on the more expensive side, if you want to gift someone some amazing luxury Korean Beauty products, you can’t go wrong with any of these!


Starter and Trial Sets

If your giftee is just dipping their toes into the world of Korean Beauty trial and starter sets are amazing, They are a great way to test out a full range of products, and they make amazing gifts as well!


Sulwhasoo again! You will see them a few more times as their products are among my favorites, and they make excellent gifts! This set in particular is an amazing introductory into the brand and make s a terrific gift! Sulwhasoo Essential Duo Set with Essential Balancing Water, Essential Balancing Emulsion and a 5 piece travel set of other popular products.


Mizon’s snail repair ampoule is legendary and this set has 3 popular and highly prized products for a fantastic price. Mizon¬†Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule Set + Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser makes a terrific gift/stocking stuffer! and its incredibly affordable as well!


Laniege is a brand that is very recognizable (we have them at Targets now in the states) Their products are amazing, and very competitively priced. A great introductory brand to Kbeauty in general. The Laneige Lucky Holiday New Basic Duo Set is a great gift for the holidays that feature some amazing products from the brand!


Cult Products

These are the products that have really ignited the fiery craze of K-Beauty! These products are popular cult hits that also make amazing gifts!



Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask


Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick


Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur SPF 15/PA Plus


Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream


Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel41iy6nserdl

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Exfoliator


These are just my recommendations, and I hope this was helpful! I have used everyone of these products and can say I absolutely love them! Listed below are just some of my personal favorites as well! I’d also love to know your recommendations as well!

My Faves

Have a happy holidays!



This is NOT a sponsored post, but all the links above ARE affiliate links. Feel free to disregard them if you are uncomfortable using such links.

My Favorite Sheet Masks!!!

I am a HUGE lover of sheet masks! They are amazing at revitalizing my face, and just give my skin the boost it so desperately needs! I figured I would share my favorite sheet masks with you guys! Also let me know YOUR favorites!


Sheet Masks!

April Skin Mummy Masks


If you love the purifying power of clay masks, and the convenience of sheet masks, then these are the masks for you! They do an EXCELLENT job of removing impurities, deadskin, and brightening the completion! I get mine from Memebox!


Tonymoly I’m Real Masks



I am such a fan of all of these masks. My favorite it the broccoli/vitality one. They do a great job at keeping my skin looking and feeling great! I also love how versatile these are, and also how inexpensive they are as well. I usually buy them as a multipack


Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask



The packaging might leave a lot to the imagination, but don’t let that fool you. This is one of the BEST sheet masks on the market. Snails, bee venom, and other fantastic ingredients ¬†that are perfect for healthy skin. I love this for its hydrating, and anti aging properties!!! Definitely a MUST TRY!

Honorable Mentions

These are other masks I enjoy a lot as well!!!

Haul :: Cosmetic Love – Major Sample Haul

I am in the market to try out some new items. And I LOVE for it. They offer a large variety of sample you can purchase, and free shipping with no minimum purchase amount. Now when I mean I purchased the samples, I mean you get like 20 samples of the same product for like 3-5 dollars. This has been essential for me especially when I am trying out new items. By the time the samples are used up I know if the product is working for me or not, and if I should invest in a full size. So I got a bunch of things to try!

I also got some refills of products AND am trying a few new things as well.


The Full Sized Goods

  • Innisfree Glow Stick Tint in Color 2
  • 2 Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gels (I ran out, and I got one for me, and one for my sister)
  • Innisfree Anti Darkening Fixer
  • TonyMoly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream
  • TonyMoly Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub

onto the samples…..


OMG so many!!!! I got at least 10 of each of the little ones, and the boxes and little bottles 2-3 each)

Sample and Deluxe Sample Sizes

  • Missha Super Aqua Refreshing cleansing foam
  • Laneige Moisture trial kit – Powerful Moisture skin refiner, Balancing emulsion,water bank essence, water bank gel cream
  • ETUDE House Moistfull Collagen SkinCare Kit
  • Hera Waterin Kit– Waterin Gel Cream, Waterin Gel Serum
  • Innisfree The Green tea Seed Serum
  • Hera Hyaluronic Ampoule
  • ETUDE House Mascara Remover
  • Missha The Time Revolution Essence
  • Hera Aquabolic Water
  • Hera Age Away Emulsion

so yeah I am super duper excited to try all of these guys! If you have an experience with anything let me know! Id love to know what to expect and also love to try new things!

Beauty Giveaway!

FullSizeRender-142 copy


I am giving away a bundle of goodies to one lucky Tumblr follower! This picture only has some of the stuff you can win! There will be MORE!

It Includes Stuff from 3 Concept Eyes, TonyMoly, and ETUDE House. It also has fun masks, makeup skincare and more!!!

I will also ship this anywhere in the world!! So if you live outside of the United States you can still win!

You must be a follower, and you must reblog this picture on your tumblr! I will choose a winner April 20th!

Good Luck!

Link to My Tumblr!!!

MemeBox Haul

Weeeee, so happy I got my Memebox order in! I was stocking up on some things I was almost out of and I am also trying some new things as well!


Also Look at that Panda Bear! TonyMoly has the CUTEST packaging! ‚̧

The Goods!

Dinoplatz UFO Multibox from Too Cool for School – I have wanted to try this forever. the cushion has a little compartment on then bottom that has blush, concealer and a pore balm! I wanted this to throw in my small purses so I don’t have to lug around a lot of products.


JeJu Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam from Innisfree¬†– I LOVE this cleanser, makes my face feel so fresh and clean! This is a refill because I am almost out! ‚̧

Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream from Tony Moly – I wanted to try this to see if it helped brighten my completion. I am plenty pale, but having my complexion be brighter has always been something I try to achieve, make my skin look luminous and not dull. So we will see how this works!

Green Tea Cleansing Water from Innisfree РI have wanted to try out this cleansing water, so I am super excited!

Green Tea Moisture Cream from Innisfree – Another product I have wanted to try!

Proof 10 Eye Primer from Etude House РI was almost out so I grabbed another little jar of this. If you want a good eye primer TRY THIS! Seriously it is amazing!

Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3 Step Kit from Holika Holika- I LOVE these, I was out so I picked up another little kit of them!

I am really excited to try these things!!!! So yeah, woohoo!