Skincare Review :: Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil


Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil is a product I had heard about and never got around to trying for myself. It was offered as a deluxe sample from Sephora, and I thought it might be a good time to give it a try.

I am not a big user of face oils, but  have heard amazing things about them so I was really happy to be able to give this a go.

The Low Down (taken from Sephora)

What it is:
A powerful brightening oil infused with real rose petals and boosted with super C to increase skin’s absorption of vitamin C by up to 1,000 percent.

What it is formulated to do:
This innovative brightening oil infused with real wild rose petals pays homage to the legendary wild rose oil ingredient that started it all. This ultra-concentrated vitamin C oil is rich in omega 3, 6, 9, fatty acids, and vitamins A and C. It provides significant antioxidant action while repairing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin’s overall tone and texture.

The formula is boosted with super C which increases skin’s vitamin C absorption by 1,000 percent to support natural collagen synthesis, powerful skin brightening, tone repair, and antioxidant protection against free radical and UV damage. Camapu, a plant derived extract delivers anti-thermal aging activity and anti-inflammatory benefits while improving skin’s luminosity. The silky oil easily absorbs into skin, delivering a fresh, dewy, enviable glow

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Wild rose oil is nature’s most potent skin brightener with nine times more vitamin C than found in orange juice. This oil is 94.5 percent natural and suitable for all skin types. All KORRES formulations are made without petrolatum, mineral oil, silicones, propylene glycol, and ethanolamines. They are dermatologically tested and cruelty-free.

Research results:
After a 4-week self-evaluation:
– 100% said skin was softer
– 100% said skin texture and elasticity was improved
– 97% said skin looked younger and healthier
– 84% said skin was more radiant/brighter
– 88% said skin was smoother
– 88% said fine lines and wrinkles were visibly reduced
– 81% said dark spots and discoloration was reduced and overall skintone was more even

My Initial Thoughts

First thing, this product definitely has a fragrance. It smells very much like dried roses, and I absolutely LOVE THAT! Seriously if they made a perfume with this smell I would buy everything! Its so nice!

When I first started using this I was unsure of where exactly to put this in my skincare routine. I tried it before serums, I mixed with foundation, right after toning before essence. After a few weeks I figured out the best place for it was right after my moisturizer at night. I found if I use it in the morning my skin gets little to oily, but at night it is perfect. Took a few days to see results, but after awhile I noticed my complexion was slightly brighter, and my skin was much softer. I haven’t noticed much in the way or reduction in wrinkles, but my face feels a lot nicer.

Overall Impressions

Overall I really like it. I do wish it did more for me other then just a slight glow and softer skin (something for fine lines and wrinkles would be amazing). But I am really happy with it, and am very inclined to try more things from this brand. So yeah!

Grade – A

REVIEW ::Dr Brandt Time Reverse Cream


Dr Brandt’s Do Not Age Time Reverse Cream was another deluxe sample I tried. I am looking for a good anti aging cream to wear at night, and I received this sample to try out. I have stated before I won’t spend a lot of money on things unless I had the opportunity to try them out for 2-3 weeks first. So I was able to make this sample last about 3 weeks and I have some feelings about it.

The Low Down (taken from Sephora’s website)

What it is:
A nourishing, age-defying cream.

What it is formulated to do:
Powered by the skin transforming system, Juvenesscence+ Complex, and infused with an energetic blend of essential oils, this incredible cream helps reduce the look of aging skin. Developed with hydrating babassu oil to provide the ultimate sensorial experience and delivered in an exclusive lamellar formula, the cream melts at skin temperature to moisturize while delivering the power of Juvenessence+ Complex.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This product helps promote smooth, supple, youthful-looking skin and acts as an amazing age-defying duo when used in conjunction with the Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum.

Research results:
In a consumer study lasting 30 days:
– 100% of subjects reported that their skin felt replenished and hydrated after 1 day
– 100% of subjects reported that their skin had become firmer and tighter after 2 weeks
– 96% of subjects reported that their skin looked plumper and smoother after 1 month
– 96% of subjects reported that the contour of their face looked redefined

My Thoughts

I saw no real noticeable results. Like nothing! If anything the product when applies made my face feel slightly cool, and super greasy. It has really good reviews but it just did absolutely nothing for my skin. Nothing at first, and definitely nothing after 3 weeks of use. I got much better results from the Dr Brandts Dream Night Cream, but even those were lackluster. So far Dr Brandt’s products don’t seem to do anything for me, so I will probably steer away from them. They do get really good reviews so they must work for some people, but this one did nothing for me….whoooomp whoomp.

Grade D

Review :: A’Pieu Air-Fit Cushion Blusher


Today I am reviewing the A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion Blusher, in Color CR02. I initially got this from my Koreadepart haul and have wanted to try it out. I used it yesterday, and thought a review might be fun.

First can we talk about how adorable the packaging is? I mean, C’MON!!!


First Impressions

The pigment in this is so saturated. I mean I put the teeniest bit on my cheeks and it looked so dark. So a little definitely goes a long way. The color I got is a really beautiful shade of coral as well, so after applying it and blending it in (which it had amazing blend ability) I was able to get a very soft rose coral cheek, which was very flattering.



and a swatch, looks darker on the cushion, but lovely tones on skin.


It also had a very slight dewy finish to it. I really like dewy looks, but this obviously wouldn’t be for everyone.

Overall Impressions

At the end of the day this lasted very well. It faded little, but wasn’t blotchy and just got little fainter so closer to evening just looked like I had a light application of blush on rather then blotchy hell.

Overall I really loved this. The color was very nice the application was easy (the little cushion is so cute). It blended well, and lasted a long time. So yeah. I freaking love this!

Grade  A-

Review :: Lindsay Luxury Magic Mask – Charcoal


OK so I love a good mask, especially after I feel like I have put my skin through Hell (a lot of high fat and sodium foods, alcohol, tons of makeup) so today being a Holiday was one of those days (LOTS of wine). So I decided to try out this mask again I got from Lindsay, that is a charcoal peel away mask!! I used it once, but wanted to try it at least twice before I made up my mind about it.

Let’s review!

When you first get this mask you have to mix 2 components together, I believe all sets come with a collapsable bowl and spatulas (mine did) so you just add step one and step two together and mix away


step one is really pretty!


step two mixed into step one…

I don’t know if it is supposed to be super smooth, I tried to mix it as well as I could.

Applying this mask is sort of easy with the spatula, impossible with fingers so don’t do that. For the mask to peel off you have to put a thick layer around your face.


frightening I know…

You have to wait 20-30 minutes in order for it to dry before you peel it off. At first I was wary, but this mask feels so good on. Really its nice and cooling, and it starts to set up quickly so it doesn’t run down your face. So I really loved having it on.

Pulling it off was so easy. And my skin felt so soft and nourished.


I should save this for Halloween. Its terrifying!


Ok, I LOVE this mask.  My skin feels so nice, to was easy to use, and a pleasure to wear. The only downside is it is a little expensive ($30 for a set of 5 masks) But If I save these for days I really need a pick me up I don’t think the price would be that bad. A little to pricey for twice a week use though).

I spent $30 on them at > Link to masks!

I wanted to wait to use this mask at least twice before I reviewed so I could give a really proper grade for it. Overall when I run out of these I will be buying them again, and if you have sebum, oil, or pore issues this mask could be awesome for you!

Grade  A-

Review – Stella McCartney POP Perfume



One thing that can make me almost instantly buy any perfume is to use the words Tuberose. I LOVE Tuberose, it’s one of my favorite scents,and its hard to find any perfume that really carries it it. So when I heard about Stella McCartney’s Perfume POP, I had to go out and buy it.

This scent is very unique. With notes of Tuberose, Violet, Musk and Sandalwood you would think it would have a nice deep complex floral fragrance, however it initially has a very cheap smell.

First Impressions

When I first put it on and for about 45 minutes afterwards it smelled similar to so many other cheap perfumes. To much musk, not enough delicate notes, and it almost needed a touch of brightness. I didn’t get any notes of tuberose, and that left me feeling a little dejected.

Longer Wear Impressions

After awhile of wearing it, I started to pick up the middle notes of Tuberose, and even a faint smell of violet. It got a lot more delicate smelling, and sweeter the longer it wore. The musk smell was finally playing nice with the other scents, which was exciting but….

At this point the perfume was wearing away. The length it lasted on me was about 3 hours before I had to reapply. I can usually get 5-6 hours from certain perfumes. So I had to deal with the cheap smell of the perfume all over again.

Final Thoughts

I know each and every perfume smells and reacts differently for each person. So this review is purely based on how it smelled on me, my initial expectations, and opinions.

Overall it’s ok. I was hoping for more tuberose, and after I finally got to it, I had to reapply because the scent was so faint it was like I was barely wearing anything at all. PLUS the perfume didn’t last long on me at all!

I will be using this, because once you get through the overtly musk cheap perfume smell its really quite divine, so maybe, mayyybbbeee I can find that sweet spot to be able to get the smell I was promised (and I know it can achieve) without having to reapply 3 times a day

Grade – C



Review :: Freeman Facial Charcoal and Black Sugar Scrub Mask

OK, so I was at the supermarket and I was getting some toiletries when I saw that they were having a bogo for this brand, Since I am always on the hunt for a good exfoliator I figured I would take the plunge ($8 for 2 bottles seemed good, I however got this one and their cucumber peeling mask)

I decided to do a first impressions mini review on it. A lot of higher end brands get reviewed, so why not a drugstore brand?

WARNING weird picture of my long face below.

This is the packaging, and it seems like it could be very promising…


fyi, I am always wary of things that say all skin types, but I decided to still give this a go.

A little dollop in my hand, it had a unique and unexpected consistency.


I think I was expecting something that had more charcoal, this just looked like a repackaged sugar scrub (which this mask is, but I also was hoping for something more, well maskish)

Here is where I applied it to my face, you are supposed to let it sit on your face for 5-7 minutes, then massage it into your skin for 1-2 then rinse off. It didn’t really like staying in one spot and started sort of sliding on my face, so that was a bother.



(my face was all puffy that day, UGH)

OK so anyways I managed to let it sit on there, then I massaged it in and rinsed it off.

Overall it left my skin feeling VERY clean, and smooth. Was a hassle to leave on, but I think that the annoyance of that is worth the pay off. Especially when this was very affordable and easy to find. I don’t know if I will rebuy though. So I am still on the hunt for exfoliators!

Grade – B+

Review – Dr Brandt, Dream Night Cream


I posted earlier how I won’t buy expensive products unless I had a chance to sample them first. Here is an example (and review) of one of those products.

Dr Brandt’s has a good reputation, and I was/am looking for a good night cream. I was thinking of replacing my Tatcha Indigo Triple Recovery Cream (which I LOVE but I wanted to see if anything else worked) so I had a friend at Sephora get a me a deluxe sample of this Night Cream (I lucked out! was from an older promotion they were no longer doing).

I am pretty good at making my products last, and this was no exception. I managed to get 3 weeks use out of it, and I just finished it the other night so I thought. Hey, why not do a review.

The Low Down (this is taken from Sephoras website)

What it is:
An intense moisturizing cream that helps you wake up with a plumped, renewed, and replenished-looking complexion.

What it is formulated to do:
Formulated with Tahitian black pearl extract and the miracle resurrection plant, this cream helps to revive tired looking skin, while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

Research results:
In a self-assessment survey of 30 women who used the product every evening for 4 weeks:
After 1 night:
– 97% reported that skin looks smooth and supple
– 97% reported that skin feels hydrated, moisturized, and nourished

After 2 weeks:
– 100% reported that skin looks rested and fresher
– 97% reported that it provides intense hydration
– 93% reported that their skin looks plumper

After 4 weeks:
– 100% reported that product counteracts dryness and recharges tired skin
– 93% reported that the appearance of lines and wrinkles has diminished

My Thoughts

First, this has glowing reviews. And at first I could see why. My skin did feel super hydrated and I felt like I saw an improvement within the first week of using it. However after the first week I saw no changes. My skin felt the same, and although my skin did look smooth initially, after awhile it just kinda teetered out and showed no real lasting effects. My complexion didn’t improve, and overall I guess the product plateaued for me within the first week.

Now, it was VERY nice to put on, a nice rich cream, had a nice cooling effect on my skin, and had a very clean fragrance.

Sadly it didn’t work the way I had hoped (and read in the reviews) Its not a BAD cream, I mean it just didn’t work for me. Since this cream costs $135 retail I will probably not buy again, but if any of you guys have the opportunity to check it out give it a try. Might be someones Holy Grail night cream!

Grade – C-