Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes

I Love eyeshadow. I think its always so fun to create different eye looks. Natural, smokey, super dramatic… it’s all glorious fun! I also LOVE eyeshadow palette as well. They let me get a good variety of colors that I normally wouldn’t find or buy, and usually at a great price. I have OODLES of palettes, but I thought it might be fun to share my favorites!




Galaxy Chic From BH Cosmetics

I really LOVE BH Cosmetics. There makeup is very affordable, and I am always impressed by the quality. This is one of their most famous palettes, the Galaxy Chic. It;s amazing, and I use it all the time and its only $12. You can buy it, and other amazing goodies straight from their website! Check them out!

Naked Basics by Urban Decay


I Love this! I use this as a base for most of my shadows, or if I want a really simple, natural, and pretty look. Plus I am a sucker for pretty much all Urban Decay eyeshadows!

TruNaked – Roses by Covergirl


I didn’t think I’d love this as I am not a huge fan of CoverGirl Makeup. I bought it on a whim from Amazon, and I just kinda let it sit in my makeup area for awhile. I decided to use it one day and I was really surprised. The colors are so flattering on me, and although this doesn’t go on to smooth, it does have a nice finish, and it lasts a good while. I use it all the time now.


Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar by Too Faced

ok I really love all of Too Faced Palettes and colors. and I have a few of them. But I wanted to have just one for this list, and it has to be this palette. Almost purely for that blue. I LOVE that blue (its Blueberry Swirl)


Pastel Persuasion Eyeshadow Palette by Buxom

I Love love LOOOOVE Buxom shadows. I got this palette as a gift, and I absolutely adore it. It has such nice colors for spring, but it also translates well into summer and fall. The eyeshadows are such a nice quality too!


Those are my favorite eyeshadow palettes. I have a lot more but these are the ones I have been reaching for recently!

Do you all have any favorites?

March Favorites! Skincare and Makeup

March is almost over (in a few hours) So I figured I would make a favorites list of my go to products for skincare and makeup that I kept gravitating towards this month.

I am just going to list my must haves, which might bleed into other months, or not. Depends on what I try and buy!



SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. This cult favorite has been a staple of mine forever! I love love LOVE it, and it makes my face feel healthy and look radiant! ❤


Tatcha Soothing Indigo Triple Recovery Cream. Soothes my sensitive skin, and leaves my face feeling soft and firm. UGH I love this!


A’Pieu Good Night Water Sleeping Mask. I LOVE this, its been so good at keeping my face hydrated at night, and I wake up and its just really nice and plump, and wonderful


Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Gel. Look,. this is so cheap, if you haven’t tried this before go get a tub of it. It is amazing!

This has all been Asian skincare for this month. Anything I have tried and used otherwise didn’t wow me. Maybe because its getting hot and sticky in Florida, and These products work best for me around that time.



Guerlain Terra Cotta Bronzer – My Holy Grail bronzer. Love it forever and ever! Have been using it practically daily this month!



ETUDE House Face Blur. I have been super casual this month, so this has been my go to primer. Make my face look flawless and has nice spf.



Make Up Forever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation. This has been my go to powder, setting powder, and light weight foundation all month! I adore it (I am almost ready to hit pan)


Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette. I love this palette. I use this almost daily!!!!



Hourglass Ambient® Strobe Lighting Powder. I use Incandescent everyday, and I mean everyday! I love the glow of it!


OK well those are my March favorites!! I would love to hear what favorites you all have been loving this Month!

My Favorite Face Primers

I love me some good base makeup. But since its so hot, sticky and humid in florida, all my makeup will melt off if I don’t have a good primer. Over the years I have tested out dozens and these are some old, and new favorites. I am only listing 3 but I have a couple more I really love as well. I choose which to use depending on the type of makeup I am wearing, to how fancy the event or place I am going is.

in no particular order

Face Blur from Etude House


This is my go to, especially on days I don’t wear a lot of makeup. Leaves a flawless finish (no pores OMG), has nice SPF, and more importantly helps my makeup last perfectly most of the day. However if it is STUPID humid outside I might not go for this one, but thats because it gives me 6 hours of wear on my makeup rather then 8, so its still pretty nice! Also inexpensive!!! ❤ love that


L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer from Guerlain


It’s no secret Guerlain is one of my favorite brands for makeup and skincare. I could gush for days about all the things I love from them, but I will just gush about this for now. THIS PRIMER IS EVERYTHING. Like E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Its firming, minimizes pores, glides on smooth and makes my makeup look spectacular all day! It also gives a nice glow to my face. The only reason I don’t slather this all over myself everyday is the price tag. So I save this for when i am using more expensive makeup, or do a super full face of makeup. still so good!

Pro-Prime Light Optimizing Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 15 from Nars


I love this one because it is so good for everything. Nice SPF, gives me the illusion of not having huge pores, makes my makeup stay on nice and long, and has a nice lightweight finish.

Those are my favorites but I do have a few more. But I usually go with these! They all work extremely well, and I would recommend any one of them!

For the Love of Pearls

Ok, on top of being a skincare and makeup junkie I also have an obsession with pearls. Its pretty much the only jewelry I wear minus a ring from my mother and my wedding set! After years of collecting I have found a few amazing places to get amazing pearl jewelry at a fraction of the cost.

One thing I learned is, that the expensive $3000 akoya necklace is usually only that much because Brick and Mortar (BM) stores have to jack up their prices because of things like higher cost to keep the inventory, limited inventory, cost to maintain their store, employees, ext. But if you KNOW about pearls you can find the exact same necklace (or even a higher quality one) for over half the price! Now some people like to buy name brand pieces (from say Mikimoto) and Generally I would say go for this. Mikimoto has some amazing pieces, but before you take the plunge into a set of Mikis, you should get your feet wet and see what you truly want out of your pearl jewelry (do you like larger necklaces, do you like graduated. Do you prefer South Sea to Tahitian to Akoya, how about length?)

The PERFECT place to start educating yourself on pearls is the forum Pearl Guide

This forum has been around for years and features an amazing community of pearl farmers, pearl distributors, jewelry designers, online and BM store owners and pearl collectors. You can ask any question, learn anything about pearls. Have a necklace that was an heirloom and what to know if its real or not without going to your jeweler. Just snap a few pics and ask. Want to compare a few online necklaces to see which looks best and is a better bargain, just ask. Want to share your pictures of your collection and drool over the people amazing pieces, this is the place for you! Everyone is so knowledgable, so welcoming and it is the greatest place to get started if you are green to the world of pearls.

Where to buy online?

I have a few recommendations for purchasing online. These online vendors I have frequently bought from myself AND they have AMAZING return policies and excellent Customer service!

Pearl Paradise– Well know and loved pearl online store. They have sold jewelry to Angelina Jolie, and other a list celebrities. Hisano Shepard who is an award winning Jewelry designer (designs under the name Little H, you can find her stuff at Pearl Collective also) Has Designed Jewelry for the first lady, celebrities, you name it. She designed the necklace I wore on my wedding, and her and her team give every order, big or small the most excellent level of customer service I have ever seen. Jeremy Shepard is the companies founder, and he is pleasant, knowledgeable and passionate about his pearls!

Pearls of Joy– Kevin Canning runs this, and he is always a pleasure to work with. His curated collection of exotic pearls (Maven Collection) is truly stunning. He carries limited quantities of things because he is so picky about finding the most perfect pearl. He will spend hours at gem and jewelry shows in Hong Kong sorting through huge bags of pearls to find the best ones. Don’t believe me? Check out his blog

Kojima Company– Truly one of the most creative use of pearls. Every piece is hand made, and she takes such care to really deliver a powerful statement with pearls. She also carries true Japanese Kasumi pearls and Sea of Cortez pearls. Definitely worth a look!

Below are pictures of a Tahitian Necklace from Pearl Paradise, One of Hisanos creations, the Gorgeous Geode Tahitian Earings, with Black Diamonds and Rubies, some beautiful Chinese ripples from Pearls of Joy and some gorgeous Sea of Cortez Mabe Earring from Kojima!




A Few other places to get gorgeous Pearls

West Pearls,The Pearl OutletPure Pearls


From West Pearls

For the love of Pearls ❤

Tatcha :: Sensitive Skin Ritual Discovery Kit

Ok, I was running low on my Indigo Recovery Cream but I have a few night creams coming, so I didn’t want to buy a whole container just yet. However I have wanted to try some different Tatcha products so I decided to get their Sensitive Skin Ritual Discovery Kit. They do these kits with travel sized products and it is a great way to test out their line without investing hundreds of dollars! It has the cutest little jar of the cream which will hold me over until I get the other creams in the mail (International shipping, even EMS takes forever)

The Kit!


They have such beautiful packaging. The shipment comes with your invoice printed on pretty rice paper with a hand written thank you note! Way to step up the game Tatcha!

Comes with-



I am really REALLY excited to try out these guys. I have used their Rice Powders before and they are so nice at cleaning skin. But I have wanted to try their Cleansing Oils and The serum!!! I will let you know how they all turn out!

They also send samples too ❤



When I was trying to take these pictures my cats decided they wanted to investigate, and sit on everything!



Why you sit on the instructions? WHY!!! You have an entire world to sit on!!! Why this!?

Some of My Favorite Fragrances

I am a SUCKER for perfume. REALLY, it’s bad. I can’t even walk within 10 feet of any perfume counter without buying something!

So I have about 50 bottles and about 150 samples of different perfumes, I try to rotate everyday between different scents, but there are a few that are definitely my most favorite, the ones I usually go for first, or wear any time of the year (a TRAVESTY I know).

Here are some of my favorites, and in no order.

Bvlgari – Rose Essentielle


This is my FAVORITE rose scent. Its lovely, and deep and has beautiful notes of Rose, Sandalwood, and a touch of musk! I wear this at least 3 times a week.


Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Aqua Universalis Forte


This is a lovely, vibrant and bright scent. I usually wear it in the spring and summer. Beautiful notes of Citrus and delicate flowers. Also he has developed some of my most favorite scents from other houses as well. The man is a genius!

Bvlgari – Au The Vert


Springy and citrusy green tea fragrance! I care a travel size of this in my purse everywhere I go. Its so clean smelling, and luscious!

Other Top contenders where

Le Labo – Baie Rose 26 – slightly sweet with allspice, cloves, rose and musk. I am all out, and since they make these perfumes in small batches I have to wait until I can get another bottle

Lolita Lempicka – Sour Cherries, Lily of the valley and a touch of licorice

Maison Francis Kurkdjian -Oud Cashmere Mood – Sweet Oud smell, thats nice and rick smelling with a touch of vanilla.

My Favorite Bronzers!

My complexion is fast improving but it isn’t there yet. So for foundations or any base make up really I need decent/high coverage. Since I am a pasty white any and all base make ups usually completely remove any sort of color I’d have on my face, so I need a good bronzer to help me not look so ghoulish!

I have a lot of different brands of bronzers, but I generally stick to these guys more then any.

Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder

Color 2 Douce Croisière – light tan


This has a nice color for my skin tone, and I love the slightly shimmery finish of it. Has a very light feel. I usually use a big powder brush when I apply this. It has nice long wear, and doesn’t feel heavy or get cakey. I also love its blendability!

Urban Decay – Naked Flushed

 Color Palette Native


When I first saw this I wasn’t to sure, but it was on sale and I thought MEH why not. Well,I fell in LOVE with this set! I use the highlighter all the time, and the blush I use a lot as well, but that bronzer, so good! It gives me a very slight sun kissed look without making it look like I have to much makeup on. I use a mini kabuki brush for this.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer

 Color Sunshine


I really like this one (well obviously! It’s on this list!) But I do have a few specific reasons why A- because it is so affordable. and B because when I use this I will also use it as an eyeshadow and I love that look so much! I find if I want a simple easy look for just around the house, or to go get groceries or a quick bite to eat, using bronzer as an eye color as well as face makeup gives me a polished effortless look. This bronzer is the one I usually do this with because the color is so flattering for my skintone, and for my brown eyes.

BareMinerals Warmth All Over Face Color


MY FIRST BRONZER! Seriously, I still have it too! this stuff lasts forever and goes such a long way. I initially thought the color would be to much for me but it looks so nice on! Sometimes I will layer this with my Urban Decay one for a more chiseled look!

I will be ending this list with my Holy Grail Bronzer!!!! ❤

Guerlain Teracotta Bronzing Powder

Color 3


Love love LOOOOVE

Everything about this I just love. I love how easy it is to apply. I love the color. I love how it might look too dark for me, but it matches so GOOD! I could throw away all my make up and just live with a nice foundation, mascara and this bronzer forever!!!!!

I probably own about 15 bronzers but these are definitely my faves! ❤