BATTLE! :: Benefit Pore Fessional Versus Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizer!


Battle! So I am almost out of my Benefit Pore Fessional and I received a sample of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I wasn’t sure which I liked more, and since I will need to repurchase soon I decided to put them to the test. A battle of sorts, on my FACE! So I put the Benefit primer on half of my face, and the Smashbox one on the other.

Warning, for some reason all the photos I took throughout the day were the most unflattering ever. If you don’t want to see a puffy faced white girl click away meow.

In the morning. I decided to do my whole everyday routine, rather then not set it with powder or spray, I really wanted to see how these both worked with my normal day to day makeup. I know how the Benefit works, but I wanted to compare with the Smashbox.


Full face on the left is Smashbox’s primer, and on the right is Benefits. They both went on very easily, and my makeup went on without a hitch.


Benefit Side, this is 3 hours after I put it on


Smash box side, also 3 hours.

At this point my cheeks and forehead looked similar, but it looked like the foundation on the Benefit side was showing some redness around my nose and chin. Smash box side looked the same as originally, except my highlighter had worn away already.

also dayyyuuuum my face looks puffy!

OK this is what it looks like after a full day of wear.


Benefit Side


Smashbox side.

So I got some major redness around my brow area on the smashbox side.


Overall they both seem to preform the same. Early on the Benefit side was showing that it was wearing away around my nose, and was almost sinking into the pores in my nose, making it look like there were white dots. The smash box side did admirably. The redness around my eyebrow was a bother but I had been touching my face in that area all day, so I can’t really fault it to much. The thing I didn’t like about the Smashbox was it felt like I had a layer of film on my face. That was annoying. But maybe I put to much on or should have let it set for a few minutes before putting on my foundation. Overall though it surprisingly preformed better then the Benefit (this is MY Opinion)

Also, little fyi-¬†for base makeup I used my IOPE Cushion foundation and used Make Up Forever Pro Finish Powder to set, it’s a standard combo for me.

I think because the Smashbox seemed to preform better I will buy that and see how I like it, and take a little break from my Benefit. So the winner of this battle is…

SMASHBOX Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer