My Makeup Brush Set- 10 Piece Oval Artis Brush Dupes

I have been eyeing the Artis brushes for awhile. And as I was researching them I learned that some dupes were almost identical, or where so similar that the difference in price was well worth getting the Dupes instead. I got my hands on this set from to review.

I have been using them for the past few days and have been really impressed. They are soft, easy to use, and to apply my foundation has been a dream! I like that they help me get a nice application on my face, and its done so fast! I wanted to talk about what I use each brush for and to give them an overall review.


The Brushes

  1. Nice big brush, this is soft and easy to grip. I have been using this one for my foundation. It also makes it so easy to blend the foundation down my neck.
  2. This one can be used for foundation, but I have been using it for my bronzer. It gives me a nice even application, with no blotchiness. The handle for bronzer application at first I thought was a little strange, but after using it a few times I really enjoy the control it gave me.
  3. This one has been great for my contour. I never like a very dramatic contour, and at first this made a very sharp line. But I found I can easily blend it with this brush as well and it leaves an airbrushed chiseled look. This is one of my favorites! ❤
  4. I nicknamed this BBB, I use it for Blush, Blending and Buffing!
  5. This one I haven’t used that much. I have used it to apply highlighter, and that worked really well.
  6. I use this for eyeshadow around my outer V
  7. I have used this for applying shadow all over my lid, and also a bit of cleaning my transitional colors when I do more dramatic looks. At first I was a skeptic but I have really grown to enjoy using this.
  8. This is a DREAM! I use this for eyeliner and it makes the straightest more consistent line! Favorite brush out of the lot!
  9. I use this to add shadow and to smudge under my eye, and to also blend a bit around my nose and chin. This little guy is an excellent multitasker!
  10. Eyebrow brush. I love this! I can do my brows so much faster now!


Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • soft
  • easy to grip
  • great for a flawless application
  • some brushes are excellent multitaskers


  • Bristles are tricky to clean. This can be said for the Artis brushes as well, so its just the territory with the Oval brushes themselves

Overall I really am enjoying these brushes. Foundation application time has been cut in half, and blending down the neck is so easy! I also am in love with the one I use for eyeliner! The greatest thing about this set is its price, This particular set is under $30 (they do sell over handle types for alittle more) So you get a great bargain for some pretty awesome brushes! If you were on the fence or interested in trying these guys out I definitely recommend it.

Also I have a coupon code for 10% off to save some more money as well Use Code- KRISTIN10OFF at checkout at My Makeup Brush Set. They have a lot of other fun brush sets on top of their popular oval ones!

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