Skincare Tips for Transitional Skin from your 20s to 30s

I did a little youtube video on some tips that have worked for my as my skin transitioned. When I was in my 20s I didn’t need to pay much attention to my skincare routine, but as I got older it became more and more apparent that I had to start really taking care of it.

I am really bad at talking on my youtube videos so I wanted to expand upon it some.


More Info and Thoughts!

  • Cleansers are so IMPORTANT! You really want to find the right cleanser for you. You do not need to do what I do and have like 5 cleansers on rotation, but finding the right cleanser for you is super important. I would if at all possible stay clear from “all skin types” cleansers. Anytime I have used those they haven’t done the best job. Rather find a cleanser that is super good at a specific issue you have with your skin. Try to also pair your toners with your cleansers. Doesn’t have to be the same brand, But you want them both to really work well together to help cleanser and address any issues you have with your skin. I have found when I use a cleanser and toner that are targeted at the same thing I see much better results.
  • Cleansing tools are also super important! I am obsessed with my Clarisonic, BUT all you really need is a good pore brush (I use one in the morning) These can run from $5-$15. Just make sure the bristles are very soft (I said clean in the video)


My pore brush, I got this from Memembox

  • salicylic acid!! HAH, YEAH I BUTCHERED THAT NAME!
  • Sunscreen. Look if you take ANYTHING from this video/blog post it is the importance of sunscreen. That is the best anti-aging product you can use. Just make sure its gentle for your face, and won’t migrate/ get in your eyes.

Investing in yourself

You really want to invest time and effort into your skin. I am not saying have a super long nightly routine, or to spend a fortune on super expensive products. But you need to invest enough time and patience. You generally won’t see any results right away. You should see results in 2-3 weeks but some products may take longer, so be patient. If you need to change or add anything to your routine it is also better to do so a little at a time. So try one new serum , or a new moisturizer/ or night cream. Once you really find what you are looking for you will see great results and have beautiful skin! Its worth the effort.

Some things to look for in skincare/products for skin in late 20s- early 30s

  • Vitamin C
  • Collagen
  • Antioxidants
  • Retin-A

Hope this helps! ❤

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