My Top 3 Favorite Beauty VLOGGERS

I am ADDICTED To watching Beauty Gurus on Youtube! I love to find new ones, and I have fast favorites. I decided to list some of my absolute favorites, because again I am an addict!

I decided to list my top 3,but there are so many more. But these guys are the ones that I religiously check their channels and watch their videos almost daily, and if you are unfamiliar with youtube beauty bloggers they are a great jumping point!




I love her videos. I think I watch hers the most. She is very bubbly, has really cute birds, and most importantly her videos are very informative and she gives very genuine critiques on the products she uses. If you are interested In Korean Beauty and Skincare check her out!

Meejmuse youtube channel


TATI- Glam Life Guru


The first few videos of Tati’s I watched I actually didn’t like her. I didn’t quite get her sarcasm and immediately thought she was very self centered. But after watching a bunch of her videos I realized she is very funny, pretty knowledgable about her makeup and skincare. I love her WTF Videos, where she goes out and buys the super expensive products to try out (Think 300 eye shadow palettes, 80 dollar concealers) and gives genuine reviews of the products, and does check ins throughout the day to see how the makeup wears. Overall I have really grown to love her videos.

Glam Life Guru Youtube Channel


The Beauty Breakdown With Morgan


Morgan from The Beauty Breakdown was the first youtube beauty blogger I really got into. I found her through Memebox’s Facebook page and she was just so much fun to watch. Her channel is full of fun hauls, honest reviews, and a lot of skincare and makeup tips.

The Beauty Breakdown’s Youtube Channel

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