Holy Grail Skincare Products

I wanted to make 2 lists, one of my Holy Grail skincare products and makeup. I decided to do the skincare first because, well I love skincare!!!

These are products I love and use daily (or close to daily if they are not a daily product). Now these work best to my weird combination super sensitive skin, so they may not work well for all skin types but they do work miracles on me!

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel


Love this, it is very inexpensive, but it is so effective. You can use it on your hair, nails, but I use it all over my body in the morning and right before bed. The humidity and heat in Florida is pretty oppressive, and this just makes me feel hydrated, soft, and not at all sticky! Again it is not expensive at all (maybe 8-10 for a large tub) so if you have never heard about it, or are on the fence TRY IT! I have gone through so many of these tubs (which is saying a lot because they are pretty big) this is definitely a Holy Grail.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


Essences were the first time I saw a real dramatic difference in my skincare when I started using them. Almost instantly in fact. At first I shied away from this because of the price tag, but I got a travel size of it because I heard such amazing things about it and wanted to see for myself. And after using it for 3 days I saw a noticeable difference (even from my other essences). I now budget this product into my skincare routine because it is so incredible!

Banila Co. Clean It Zero


I Love love LOVE this. Its the best ballot cleanser I have ever used. I use this as my first cleanse at night and it is incredible. I love the texture of it as well!

Tatcha Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream


This is my everything. I have such sensitive skin that even when I use gentle cleaners and products after cleansing sometimes my skin can feel little irritated. This has been THE ONLY CREAM That truly soothes my skin, and leaves it soft, hydrated, and overall super healthy feeling after I use it. Since it is a bit pricey I have wanted to try other products to see how they compare, but I do believe I will just stick with this because it is so phenomenal.


I know this list if a bit short, but I didn’t want to add products I love, but rather use products I don’t think I could live without! I do have a lot of other products I love, but haven’t reached Holy Grail status yet.

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