Favorite Eyeshadow Palettes

I Love eyeshadow. I think its always so fun to create different eye looks. Natural, smokey, super dramatic… it’s all glorious fun! I also LOVE eyeshadow palette as well. They let me get a good variety of colors that I normally wouldn’t find or buy, and usually at a great price. I have OODLES of palettes, but I thought it might be fun to share my favorites!




Galaxy Chic From BH Cosmetics

I really LOVE BH Cosmetics. There makeup is very affordable, and I am always impressed by the quality. This is one of their most famous palettes, the Galaxy Chic. It;s amazing, and I use it all the time and its only $12. You can buy it, and other amazing goodies straight from their website! Check them out!

Naked Basics by Urban Decay


I Love this! I use this as a base for most of my shadows, or if I want a really simple, natural, and pretty look. Plus I am a sucker for pretty much all Urban Decay eyeshadows!

TruNaked – Roses by Covergirl


I didn’t think I’d love this as I am not a huge fan of CoverGirl Makeup. I bought it on a whim from Amazon, and I just kinda let it sit in my makeup area for awhile. I decided to use it one day and I was really surprised. The colors are so flattering on me, and although this doesn’t go on to smooth, it does have a nice finish, and it lasts a good while. I use it all the time now.


Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar by Too Faced

ok I really love all of Too Faced Palettes and colors. and I have a few of them. But I wanted to have just one for this list, and it has to be this palette. Almost purely for that blue. I LOVE that blue (its Blueberry Swirl)


Pastel Persuasion Eyeshadow Palette by Buxom

I Love love LOOOOVE Buxom shadows. I got this palette as a gift, and I absolutely adore it. It has such nice colors for spring, but it also translates well into summer and fall. The eyeshadows are such a nice quality too!


Those are my favorite eyeshadow palettes. I have a lot more but these are the ones I have been reaching for recently!

Do you all have any favorites?

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