Haul :: BeautyNetKorea.com Goodies

I got another package today (I feel like I have gotten so many recently) and it was my BeautyNetKorea.com order!

It was just a few products, most I wanted to try and one was a refill/restock for me!


The Goodies

Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream From Holika Holika, This is a refill for me, because my other one is almost out. I LOVE this.

Snow White Cleansing Foam by Secret Key

Eglips Chop Chop Lips Color Oriental- Beautiful rusty red

Jewel light Under eye maker by Holika Holika- Color white. I want to try this out for some shimmer around my tear ducts.

Jewel light Peach Eye Maker by Holika Holika

Jewel Light Water Proof Eyeliner by Holika Holika– In colors Diamond and Gold. I have been wanting to try these out forever!

Tonymoly Kiss Lover Lip Master [Minis]- I got 3 of the same color, so that means one will be apart of an upcoming giveaway!

Also they sent be a boatload of samples!


I can’t wait to try out this stuff! ❤

4 thoughts on “Haul :: BeautyNetKorea.com Goodies

  1. Keitii says:

    I LOVE the panda’s dream cream 😍 It’s great for my dark eye circles and I’m seriously thinking of investing in the full size!


    • ckrickett says:

      I love it too. I have a full size of it and I use it all the time, Makes my complexion look very bright and even. I was super happy to see the samples of it. I can use them for when I travel!

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