Review – Dr Brandt, Dream Night Cream


I posted earlier how I won’t buy expensive products unless I had a chance to sample them first. Here is an example (and review) of one of those products.

Dr Brandt’s has a good reputation, and I was/am looking for a good night cream. I was thinking of replacing my Tatcha Indigo Triple Recovery Cream (which I LOVE but I wanted to see if anything else worked) so I had a friend at Sephora get a me a deluxe sample of this Night Cream (I lucked out! was from an older promotion they were no longer doing).

I am pretty good at making my products last, and this was no exception. I managed to get 3 weeks use out of it, and I just finished it the other night so I thought. Hey, why not do a review.

The Low Down (this is taken from Sephoras website)

What it is:
An intense moisturizing cream that helps you wake up with a plumped, renewed, and replenished-looking complexion.

What it is formulated to do:
Formulated with Tahitian black pearl extract and the miracle resurrection plant, this cream helps to revive tired looking skin, while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

Research results:
In a self-assessment survey of 30 women who used the product every evening for 4 weeks:
After 1 night:
– 97% reported that skin looks smooth and supple
– 97% reported that skin feels hydrated, moisturized, and nourished

After 2 weeks:
– 100% reported that skin looks rested and fresher
– 97% reported that it provides intense hydration
– 93% reported that their skin looks plumper

After 4 weeks:
– 100% reported that product counteracts dryness and recharges tired skin
– 93% reported that the appearance of lines and wrinkles has diminished

My Thoughts

First, this has glowing reviews. And at first I could see why. My skin did feel super hydrated and I felt like I saw an improvement within the first week of using it. However after the first week I saw no changes. My skin felt the same, and although my skin did look smooth initially, after awhile it just kinda teetered out and showed no real lasting effects. My complexion didn’t improve, and overall I guess the product plateaued for me within the first week.

Now, it was VERY nice to put on, a nice rich cream, had a nice cooling effect on my skin, and had a very clean fragrance.

Sadly it didn’t work the way I had hoped (and read in the reviews) Its not a BAD cream, I mean it just didn’t work for me. Since this cream costs $135 retail I will probably not buy again, but if any of you guys have the opportunity to check it out give it a try. Might be someones Holy Grail night cream!

Grade – C-

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