My Mini Haul


I got a package earlier then expected, and I was so excited. It was my little mini order from I love Korean Skincare and Makeup and so whenever I order I always get a few new things to try.

This time I wanted to try a brand I had not tried before. They are called A’Pieu. I ordered a few little things to check them out, mostly for the cute factor!

All the stuff, minus the little blush are from A’Pieu,

Doreamon Edition Air Fit Cushion Foundation

Doreamon Edition Cushion Blusher

Shin Chan Edition Water Bling Sun Balm

Shin Chan Edition Water Sleeping Mask

Shin Chan edition Hand creams (OMG look at how funny that packaging is) in Lotus, Gardenia and, Hydrangea

Skin Food Soft Cream Blusher (this smells divine)

I haven’t tried any of these products before so I will do a little review on each once I actually get to try them!! I was so entertained by the shin chan stuff though. I LOVE Shin Chan! ❤

If you are not familiar with Korea Depart go check them out, they are always a pleasure to order from!

3 thoughts on “My Mini Haul

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you writing this blog! I’m really into Korean skincare , too, and I’m working on perfecting my skincare regimen. I’d love to see a post detailing your specific skin qualities and issues and how products help or hinder your routine.

    I love how some brands have cutesy packaging or unique characters. I’ve been eyeing a lot of TonyMoly products lately for their adorable qualities. They would be a nice treat.


    • ckrickett says:

      I am working on a post about my skincare routine. I may be able to get it up tonight. Also I am such a sucker for cute packaging. TonyMoly Gets me everytime!! has a section on their limited edition stuff, and cosmetic love I believe is having a sale on the Line Friends make up as well. So many cute things! ❤


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