Skincare Advice – Are the Luxury Products Worth the Investment?

A lot of people when they start new skin care routines, or want to upgrade their products can get sticker shock. Going from Wash-Tone-Moisturize to a 8-12 step routine can be daunting. So to throw in the cost of new skincare products can keep people from taking the plunge. Also there are some luxury products out there that are CRAZY expensive…. but are they worth it?

When I started my new skincare routine it was daunting. I am 31 year old Caucasian lady who lives on South Florida. For the longest time I didn’t wear sunscreen and I would wash my face with any ole soap. My skin got WRECKED. I wasn’t blessed with good genes either. I am a little off kilter. I am an artist, so I am constantly around paint, varnish and weird chemicals, to help me paint (not good for skin), and the closet thing I came down to to really take care of my skin was all the sunscreen I would lather on my tattoos (I am heavily Tattoed) but I always neglected my face. I am paying the price now. After awhile I am noticing a huge difference. Better texture, smaller pores, even skintone. Still a ways to go but so far its great.

So what about expensive luxury products?

I had a hard time investing at first, so the first few months I would go to the drug store and get whatever I thought would work. The only thing this was good for was to help me develop good habits and get used to the routine. Not all products are created equal, and I can’t think of ANY product that is universally good for all skin types. So most of these products obviously didn’t work for me and I had to try a new approach.

If products cost between 5-20 dollars I would usually take a chance, but anything more then that I would be wary of. I decided I wouldn’t buy anything expensive until I had to opportunity to really truly sample it for at least 1-2 weeks. I found a few stores and websites that actually sold sample sizes (or even travel sizes would work). I would make an initial investment of 3-25 dollars depending on the product and I would get enough samples for 1-2 months. This would give me a good idea of what worked for me, and what didn’t. I also took advantage of places that offered samples of skincare with purchase (like Sephora) especially when they let you choose your samples. Also deluxe samples are a life saver.

After a year or so doing this I was able to really tailor my skin care routine without making a huge investment, and able to weed out products that had a big price tag that wouldn’t work for me, with more inexpensive ones that were GREAT for me. Also I found 1 or 2 products that were pricier but WORTH the investment (they would last a long time, or their results were incomparable to anything else. Prices I am talking about are $200-$400 per product).

So I would say if you want to jump into a more extensive skin care routine look for sites that sell samples ( does and they have free shipping with NO minimum purchase. does as welland carries SK-II sample and travel sizes, well worth the look into) and really truly discover the best products for your skin. Maybe its that drugstore brand of moisturizer, maybe that crazy toner, maybe that super expensive serum. But the end result will be a beautifully tailored routine for exquisite skin!

Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Skincare Advice – Are the Luxury Products Worth the Investment?

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m so happy that many Korean skincare brands have affordable products. I feel like western brands over price so many products and it can be very frustrating to try something only to have a reaction or have it do absolutely nothing. Many stores are kind enough to let you return or exchange items (like Sephora’s no questions asked return policy) but sometimes you can get stuck with them.

    I’m so excited that western drugstores and department stores are beginning to carry Asian brands. I just saw in one of my local Targets they have a new display with several med-end brands like Laneige and Mizon. I was going to purchase a Laneige cushion foundation on Amazon but saw that they have it at Target now in more shades. They are very nice compacts and they come with one cartridge loaded and an extra, so the $34 price tag is actually for two cushions. Not bad if you find the one you like.


    • ckrickett says:

      I have some Expensive Western Brand skincare and makeup items that are pricey. The trick is realizing price doesn’t equal quality. Some items that might be super inexpensive might be the best for your skin type, and some expensive items can be the worst. I had a $200 moisturizer that worked as well as Nature Republics Aloe Vera gel (which is $7) so guess what I use!!! But then again some expensive items work well. SK-IIs Facial Treatment Essence is one of those products, However I heard the Missha Essence is super similar. I bought some to test it out and see how it works. If I can save some bills on skincare I am so there!

      Also YES on western stores carrying more and more eastern brands. Aside from the super prestigious brands (like Tatcha, Shiseido and SK-II) Its nice to see more affordable options more easily available!

      How are Laneige’s Cushions? I am ADDICTED to Iopes, and I have a few others as well. But I always love a good cushion!


      • Jessica says:

        I’m still getting used to using cushions. I bought the L’Oreal one before I saw that the Laneige was cushion was only in select Targets. The lightest color for the L’Oreal cushion is /just/ a bit too dark for my skin color. It’s like a basic “light” color. So maybe if I got a tan over summer (LOL yeah right) I could use it. Otherwise I have it as a backup.

        I eventually found the Laneige one and love it. They have a “fair” option in their western selection which is spot on and gives me such a lovely glow.

        Pro tips: The best way I have found to clean the applicator is wiping it with a makeup removing/cleansing wipe. I tried soaking it in an oil cleanser and/or using regular face cleanser and it still leaves behind makeup that squeezes out /forever/. It also swelled up a bit and did not shrink back down. ;_; They say you don’t /have/ to clean them because of anti-microbial technology, but I notice bits of my skin flake off onto it and leftover makeup just makes it look grody. And apparently AmorePacific’s anti-microbial applicator is patented technology, so other brands (i.e. Western brands, like L’Oreal) may not actually have the same anti-microbial features. FYI.

        Also, it took a beauty podcaster to tell me to flip over the actual cushion every once in a while. So simple, but what a game changer.


      • BeautyMeow says:

        The L’Oreal one I have yet to try. I actually bought a few different visions to review for an upcoming blog post or youtube video and the Lumi cushion was one of them. I love my IOPE and I love my Too Cool for School one.

        I have also been playing around with cushion primers, I have 2 from ETUDE house and one from Lancome. So far I am really loving the Lancome one, the ETUDE house ones are really nice too.
        I think once my IOPE one runs out I will try the Laneige one.

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